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CAMPKIDStrongsville School’s Annual outdoor education camping trip was a victim of budget cuts in 2011.  The children were heartbroken until a group of parents got together and rallied to begin raising the necessary funds to make the trip happen.

When The Salvation Army’s, Captain Josh Lyle became aware of the situation, he stepped in to offer our group The Salvation Army’s Camp NEOSA for free.

“The generous offer ultimately led to a truly amazing and enlightening camp experience, not just for the kids but also for the parents. We all took away something, whether it was team-building skills or tolerance. We all gained from being at Camp NEOSA.

“It was all God. There’s no way this would have happened otherwise. And I can’t say enough about The Salvation Army’s impressive camp counselors, Captain Josh Lyle, or The Salvation Army itself. They mean what they say when it comes to “Doing the Most Good,” and from now on the sixth graders in Strongsville will be visiting Camp NEOSA.”

Tina Kozarik
Grateful Parent

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