The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope

Helping Families Break the Cycle of Poverty


Pathway of Hope is a national Salvation Army program that was started in 2011. Here in Toledo, we have been using the program since 2015. The mission of the Pathway of Hope is to provide enhanced services to families that are ready to take action to break the cycle of poverty for their children and generations to come. It is different than the other services offered by The Salvation Army because it’s not a one-time appointment with assistance, but intentionally working with clients to move them from crisis and vulnerability to stability and sufficiency.

Youth who live in poverty for more than half of their childhood are 32 times more likely to be in poverty as an adult. A goal of Pathway of Hope is to solve this problem by addressing the root causes of chronic, intergenerational poverty in the United States. The Pathway of Hope is an approach to providing enhanced services to families with a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis.

The Pathway of Hope program is open to parents who are ready to take action to improve their future and their child’s future. Pathway of Hope is an intensive 12-18 month program that can be challenging for families, but The Salvation Army team will walk alongside the family for the duration of the program. The program involves an initial meeting with the Pathway of Hope team to develop a personalized action plan followed by meeting with the team on a regular basis to chart your progress. At the six-month mark, you will see how far you have come, celebrate your success and figure out what’s next on your journey. If The Pathway of Hope program is something you are interested in for you and your family contact The Salvation Army at 419-241-1138 for more information and to find out if you qualify. 

The following video was created by The Salvation Army USA, it provides information about the program and interviews with families participating in Pathway of Hope.