An Open Letter to The Salvation Army

A young mother came to The Salvation Army seeking Christmas help for her family. She felt ashamed to ask, but a volunteer convinced her that it was OK. Several days later, this letter arrived from the mother:

Right when I feel like I cannot handle more, God sends someone to tell me He has not forgotten us in our struggles.

I do not know why anyone would shower such generosity upon a child they never met, but they have given me the greatest gift — of love, hope, and increased faith. When I felt most vulnerable, unloved, and embarrassed, you showed us acceptance, generosity, and hope.

I have done nothing to deserve this love and I could never earn it or pay it back. But I choose to be thankful in everything, and I hope for the future through doubt and pain.

As I write this, I know that I am loved, because God would use strangers to give us a Christmas we never expected in what seems like a long, dark night.

Thank you for bolstering my faith when I felt I could not hang on, and for giving us the greatest gift of all — unconditional love.


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