The Latest Salvation Army News & Press Releases

From Great Danger to a Haven of Hope
16 March 2017
“The Salvation Army really cares about people. They want to know your needs and how they can help.”
No Place Like Home
16 March 2017
After losing her housing, Laquisha didn’t know where to turn for help.
Safe Haven New Hope
16 March 2017
When Jack left an abusive home, he found safe haven and hope with The Salvation Army.
They Change Lives
09 November 2016
“I always loved to help,” Marcella says. “My parents taught us to share. I learned about people who are less fortunate. And I learned to appreciate that.”
An Open Letter to The Salvation Army
09 November 2016
A young mother came to The Salvation Army seeking Christmas help for her family. She felt ashamed to ask, but a volunteer convinced her that it was OK.
A Caring Grandmother
09 November 2016
Two young brothers faced a Christmas without much hope, but your support changed that . . . with some help from a caring grandmother . . .
Trapped: Human Trafficking in Northeast Ohio
28 October 2016
The State of Ohio ranks fifth in the nation when it comes to human trafficking.
Rescuing Rosa
25 August 2016
Exploited and abused. Homeless and hopeless. Rosa was a modern-day slave — a victim of human trafficking . . .
Our Community is a Better Place
25 August 2016
Our community is a better place because of your kindness.
Too Proud to Seek Help
25 August 2016
Vicki and her children were severely impoverished, but she wasn’t willing to ask for assistance.
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