A Caring Grandmother

Two young brothers faced a Christmas without much hope, but your support changed that . . . with some help from a caring grandmother . . .

Julia was terribly concerned about her two young grandsons.

Their mother — Julia’s daughter — was homeless, sleeping wherever she and her boys could. Living conditions were often harsh and unhealthy, usually at a friend’s house that was dirty and infested with bugs. The boys rarely ate well.

And the constant instability tore at their emotional health.

On top of all that, Julia was worried her grandsons wouldn’t have much of a Christmas.

So she emailed The Salvation Army to ask for help. “They need assistance,” Julia wrote. “Can you direct me to any programs that may be available for my grandchildren?”

Of course they could. And they did. They started by providing this struggling family — all three generations — with a warm and hope-filled Christmas, complete with presents under the tree. The boys joyfully opened gifts, including new clothes, pajamas, coats, and lots of toys. There were tears of joy all around.

Thanks to your support, those two boys got a Christmas they’d never forget.

But it didn’t stop there. The boys’ mother received a generous food basket and clothing voucher, and the Army connected her with local agencies that could assist with childcare — in a cleaner, safer, and more nurturing environment.

But perhaps Julia received the best gift of all: The confidence, and peace of mind, of knowing that her cry for help for her grandsons was answered in ways better than she could have ever imagined.


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