Programs that Help: Are You in Need of Assistance?

Since 1872, The Salvation Army has actively reached out to thousands annually.

The Salvation Army’s social service ministry seeks to meet human need in Christ’s name; to alleviate human suffering, and to promote wholeness by addressing the spiritual, social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of those served.

The basic social services developed by the founders, William and Catherine Booth, have remained an outward visible expression of The Salvation Army's strong spiritual principles. We seek to be adequate and adaptive, helping anyone, anywhere, anytime!  Believing that caring is an expression of Christian love, it strives to empower people by helping those served assemble and discover choices. It bases its services on community needs, and works collaboratively with others in addressing those needs.

Social Services & Programs Provided by The Salvation Army

*The Salvation Army’s social service programs vary with local and regional needs. See your local Salvation Army for unique and specific programming.

Homeless Services Adult Education Services Community Corrections 49-9 Project: Offender Reentry Program
Drug & Alcohol Recovery Utility Assistance Food Programs