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The Salvation Army offers a variety of free temporary shelters and feeding services to homeless people of all ages. Men, women, children, and families take refuge in Salvation Army Shelters throughout America.  The goal of the The Salvation Army Shelters is not only to help families through difficult times, but also to enable them to find permanent housing and learn how to live productive and fulfilling lives.

These shelters offer spiritual and physical care, food, and shelter to people in need. They attend the total needs of the individual and are meant to be a kind resting place to help these individuals get back on their feet. Men and women living on pensions or social security have access to low-cost housing as well.

The Salvation Army also offers year-round food assistance. These meals assist homeless people of all ages, as well as individuals and families who may be down on their luck and in need of some extra assistance. Throughout the year, The Salvation Army is there to provide a warm meal and some comfort to those less fortunate to help them get back on their feet.

To meet the variety of needs that occur, The Salvation Army offers a variety of services as outlined below. To find out about homeless ministries in your area, please contact your nearest Salvation Army location by entering your zip code below.

Comprehensive Shelters These shelters welcome all homeless who come to their door. Comprehensive services are available to single-parent families, single women, single men, married couples, children awaiting placement in a foster home, and dual-parent families.

Family Shelters & Housing These shelters offer strategic programming specifically geared to meet the many combined circumstances that perpetuate homelessness and struggle in families. Program assistance includes individual case work and education to address substance abuse issues, life and career skills enhancement, parenting skills education, and more.

Transitional Housing Transitional Housing is available to individuals or families who have been in the care of our shelters at least 6 months and who need a little extra support before forging their own path. Life skills training and education are crucial to promoting the continued success of the inhabitants once they are again independent.

Soup KitchensMost corps (churches of The Salvation Army) offer food services to help the hungry. Those in need are welcome to come and take nourishment. In some areas, faithful members of The Salvation Army even seek out those who are homeless and bring them meals to ensure they remain fed.