It’s an Honor to Serve Those Who Served

Jorge had hit rock bottom.

Health issues were taking a toll on this veteran, who reached a point where he didn’t have enough money for housing or food. Homeless and desperate, he sought help.

Someone suggested that he try The Salvation Army. I’m sure they can help me, Jorge thought. As soon as he walked through the doors, Jorge knew he’d found the right place.

Dignity and Respect

Greeted with love and compassion, he says it was “a very positive place for me. Good hot food and very helpful staff at all times.”

That help included case management, social services, and a caring support system. Jorge developed relationships with Army staff, who advised and guided him on his journey.

He received clothing and transportation vouchers. He received travel to the Veterans Administration and other agencies that could help too. Today, he has his own apartment.

“I’m the guy who never gave up,” says Jorge, who now volunteers in The Salvation Army kitchen so he can “give back what they gave to me — dignity and respect.

“I’m a blessed man. Thank you so much for making it possible!”


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