No Christmas Celebrations — Until You Made Them Possible

A year ago, Sara and her family fell on hard times. Her husband had recently lost his job, they had a 10-year old daughter, and Sara was staying at home with a high-risk pregnancy. They were struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food in the fridge.

Celebrate Christmas? No way, it seemed.

“You can imagine how hard it is to sit your child down and tell her she wasn’t getting any gifts for Christmas,” Sara says.

“Tears to My Eyes”

But then she signed up for The Salvation Army’s Christmas Assistance program, and they received food and a bag of gifts for their daughter. “It was more than we could have ever imagined. Watching the excitement on her face brought tears to my eyes.”

Since then, their family has grown by one — a baby boy — and Sara’s husband found a well-paying job. They’ve moved out of their small trailer into a new three-bedroom home.

Now they are able to give their kids plenty of Christmas presents. But after discussing it as a family, they’re cutting back on their own gift-giving . . . so that they can give more presents to another family in need.

“We want to give a family a Christmas they wouldn’t be able to have without help,” says Sara. “We were very thankful for what The Salvation Army provided for our family last year, and we knew we wanted to give back.”

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