RickRick is a hard worker and has always been able to provide for his wife Jody and their three young children. But when his company went through layoffs, and he lost his job, a wave of panic set in as Rick wondered how he would feed and shelter his family.

As Rick raced to find work, the savings quickly dwindled until there was nothing left. Finally, feeling defeated and frightened, he and Jody came to The Salvation Army at the urging of a friend.

Thanks to the support of caring people like you, we were able to quickly intervene with rent assistance to prevent an eviction. We also helped with their utility bills and provided groceries to help keep their children fed.

It wasn’t long before Rick found a new job, and the family was able to bounce back strong. Deeply grateful for all The Salvation Army had done for them, Jody wanted to do something to show her appreciation, and to help other families who might be struggling. So, when Christmas rolled around, she was first in line to volunteer as a bell ringer.

Thank you for all the good you do to help struggling families in their time of crisis.

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