Thank You Zelma George Intact Family Shelter


Assisted Housing

Dear Ms. Collins,

As I write this letter, I look back onto some unhappy and trying times. With my two daughters by my side and often holding my hand, we are able to relive our situations, trials, and tribulations.

One day, about two years ago, I found myself working, having a vehicle, paying bills, going to movies, parks, picnics, plays, PTA's, bake sales, visiting family and friends; then coming home to utilities on and plenty of laughter, and very few tears of sadness.

Then, one day, I found myself unemployed, yet employable, struggling to keep gas on then the electricity; alternating between both. I found myself with no other means of financial support except for food stamps. After my car got totaled, while park at my former place of employment, with only liability insurance, I found myself trying to find any temp work, babysitting, braiding hair for friends and family, while using public transportation trying to make ends meet.

In the meantime, trying to provide a stable and safe environment for two teen-aged girls, focusing on one daughter getting to school safely, walking her two miles each way, each day by 8:am., and getting back to the house to get the other ready by 9:am., making sure they barely missed a day or be late for two years we did this. Somehow, we found something to laugh, learn and joke about along the way.

A true blessing came from that experience; I found out Thursday, May 1, that my oldest daughter, Jewels, will be a senior in high school this coming fall. She leaves this school year having completed the 10th grade. I am very proud of both my girls; yet, I tell my oldest there's nothing like the sound of two hands clapping, if only within you. Knowing something positive came out of a negative situation makes any situation worth while.
However; in the mist of her accomplishment; she found, along with her mother and sister being served with documentation to leave premises, we had become homeless, January 15.

I found myself having to take myself and my two teenaged daughters, Jewels 16, and Terris 14, to a shelter called Zelma George. We met a lot of wonderful people in a place we hoped that we would never be; yet, after a couple of nights there we knew that that's where we were supposed to be. That's where my life would begin again.

I said that because on April 15,  I entered Miracle Village, a rehabilitation center, where I discovered and found out that I am worthy of wonderful people and things in my life and on April 15, 12 years later, I still know this to be true. I don't count the years as much as I do the moments, because I know in an instance life can and does bring about change. I've learned how I handle that change depends on me.

Thus, in this chapter of my life I am visiting and helping my oldest sister, diagnosed with terminal cancer whenever possible, in the mist of talking and laughing with my mother, diagnosed with dementia a few months back. All while living in Zelma George shelter, walking Jewels to bus stop every school day by 7a.m., and back to get Terris by 4:30p.m., from school; which by God's grace did pick-up and drop-off at the shelter. Oftentimes, Jewels walks to Terris 'school and takes the school bus back with her, so that I may have more time to visit my sister, look for work, an help my mother enjoy life.

We have exceeded our three months stay at Zelma George shelter and I know my Higher Power has a plan for us. I will miss the staff Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Collins, Ms. See, Ms, Shawna, Ms. Shine, Ms. Wilburn, Ms. Betty, Ms. Karen, Ms. Kay- Kay, Ms. Laverne, Ms. G., Ms. DeDante, Ms. Blunt, Ms. Traci, Ms. Jeanette, and (there is a couple of new ladies I didn't really get to bother, sorry about that), you all have been a definite inspiration to me, spiritually and emotionally.

I can't begin to name my sisters and brothers, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing part of my life experiences, I will truly take part of each and every one of you with me. Please stay positive and you are truly blessed. Of course, we fall short, we are only human, we all will make mistaW (Lord knows I have and probably will again), don't beat yourself up; get up, keep going, itokay today.
Here's where I am blessed to learn of Priscilla Franklin and Family Transitional Housing, through West Side Catholic Center. As I1m diligently seeking employ¬ment, through the Employment Connection with help from a career coach, that I sought out because I was unsuccessful securing employment, in hopes that a career coach can help me by giving me constructive criticism on how I can market my skills better, be that I may have to enhance my resume, sharpen my interview techniques or just to obtain whatever feedback I can obtain.

However, through Transitional Housing I can acquire a stable home environment for myself and my girls, so that we can have a home base, structure and keep the determination without losing hope. I know I am not in this world alone and my Lord told me I don't have to do everything all by myself. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to tell my story and to be heard even on paper.

I am to move out of Zelma George shelter tomorrow, May 8. This morning I was on the phone trying to find another shelter to go to as I was waiting to hear back from Mrs. Franklin.

As I typed this at Employment Connection, I stopped and used the phone, that's when I learned that I was accepted into the Family Transitional Housing Program. My orientation is May 15. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! ! ! ! GOD BLESSES YOU ALL! ! HAPPY MOM'S DAY!


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