Kicked Out of The House:  How Breanne and Her Morn Rebuilt Their Live, Thanks to Your Gifts


Street View Breanne and her mom were devastated. It was like the floor had just fallen away beneath them. They didn't know what to do or where to go. Here's what happened to them, and how they started rebuilding their lives.

Breanne, her infant daughter, and her mom were living in California. Things were okay there, but since they had family in Ohio, they thought they would try to make a fresh start in the Cleveland area.

So they packed up everything they had and drove from California to Ohio. They moved in with family, and were just getting settled. Breanne's mom was making plans to get a job at a local factory. That's when her brother delivered the ultimatum.
"One day he just came home from work and said we had to move out," Breanne's mom said. "There was no explanation, no apology, nothing. He just kicked us out. That's it — we had to go."

Suddenly Breanne, her little daughter, and her mom were all on their own. They were in a city that was new to them. Neither of them had a job. They didn't know anyone. They had nowhere to go.

Scrambling for a solution, they slept in their car for two days. They moved from shelter to shelter for a while. And then thankfully they found out about The Salvation Army.

Through your generous gifts, we were here for Breanne and her mom, and we're able to provide them with programs and services to help them get back on their feet.

First things first, we got the family into Harbor House, The Salvation Army's transitional shelter. There they got a roof over their heads, a safe place to sleep, and good, hot meals.

"We didn't plan to become homeless," Breanne said. "Nobody does. But in tough economic times, it happens, and The Salvation Army was there to catch us."

Next, we began working with Breanne and her mom to rebuild their lives. They've taken classes in domestic violence, child development, self development, and parenting. They're getting job training. They're meeting with their case manager every week to follow their plan. And they're looking for an apartment. It won't be easy, but with encouragement and hard work, they'll make it.

"The Salvation Army has provided a very kind and caring staff to help us do what we need to do," Breanne said. "My whole family is grateful for The Salvation Army's service and dedication to those who are less fortunate. Without The Salvation Army, we'd be lost. But now, we can start our lives over."

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