When No One Else Was There to Help, The Salvation Army Stepped InMy name is Beatrice and I am so grateful for The Salvation Army. When you are my age and living on a small fixed income, it doesn’t take much of a bump in the road to get you off track. Things were going along OK, but I have a lot of health issues and I got some medical bills that really cut into my budget.

Before I knew it, I was three months behind on my electric bill.

The utility company put me in touch with The Salvation Army to see if they could help me. And the good people at The Salvation Army have been so kind and understanding. Not only did they help me get caught up with my electric bill, but they have been a steady source of encouragement as I work through my different ailments.

I thought I was just getting help with a utility, but what I have really gotten is a new friend in The Salvation Army. When no one else was there to help, they stepped in on my behalf. What a blessing!

I will never forget The Salvation Army or the kind people who support their good work.

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