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About LemonAiD

LemonAiD is a benefit for impoverished children run by caring kids who want to help. It is a Salvation Army program that began in 2007 in Lexington, KY, and came to Licking County, Ohio in July 2016. This year, we will celebrate our 2nd year of the campaign.

The Concept: of LemonAiD is simple - kids help other kids by operating a lemonade stand during the month of July and donating the proceeds to The Salvation Army. This is FUN fundraising!

The Impact: is two-fold. First, kids participating learn there are others in need and they, although are young, can help make a difference. in addition, operating a lemonade stand provides an opportunity for kids to learn some marketing and business skills. LemonAiD provides a great family and youth group engagement activity.

Second, The Salvation Army will use 100% of the proceeds to help poverty-stricken children by providing healthy meals, after-school and summer education, recreation programs, mentoring by caring adults, music classes, scholarships to summer camp and more.

Did you Know?

  • 1 in 4 children in Ohio live in poverty.
  • 1 in 5 children in our community go to bed hungry.
  • 1 in 4 children are alone and unsupervised during the hours after school.
  • Only 15% of Ohio's K-12 children participate in after-school programs.
  • 1 in 30 children in Ohio experience homelessness.

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Safe & Health Tips for Kids

  • ALWAYS have a parent or adult with you. Never operate your lemonade stand alone.
  • If your hair is long, tie it back or wear a cap.
  • Use paper or plastic instead of glass
  • Use tongs or a ladle to serve ice. Cover the lemonade and ice between servings
  • Stay a safe distance from the street/traffic and never approach a car to make a sale

LemonAid English Flyer

LemonAid Spanish Flyer

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the LemonAiD Campaign registration or sponsorship opportunities, please contact either Lt. Denise Martin or Jeannie Ferrara.

Address: 250 East Main Street, Newark, OH 43055
Phone: (740) 345-8120
Fax: (740) 345-6161
Lieutenant Denise R. Martin:
Jeannie Ferrara : Jeannie.Bladlund-Ferrara@USE.SalvationArmy.Org

How to get Started

STEP I: Register your child or youth group at our Salvation Army Office at 250 East Main Street, Newark, OH 43055

Group Agreement    Individual Agreement

Registration must be completed by an adult. The Salvation Army will provide a LemonAiD badge for each child registered, an official sign for the stand, and a brochure.


STEP II: Choose the time, day and location for your stand. The LemonAiD Campaign runs the entire month of July to allow scheduling flexibility. Parents/youth leaders provide guidance to ensure safety.

STEP III: Promotion is key. Let your family, friends and neighbors know about your stand with flyers, emails, social media and signs.

STEP IV: Secure your supplies. Parents/Youth Leaders provide the stand/table, cash box, the lemonade, cups and any other items to be sold. Set your own prices or simply ask for a donation. Also, decorations are very important! Kids typically enjoy making additional signs and ecorating their stand.

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