The Salvation Army is a mainstream Christian church and denomination. Its traditional worship services, which center on the love, grace and forgiveness of God through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, are differentiated from other denominations only by the inspirational brass instruments that accompany the music.

The Salvation Army's Worship services are open to all.

9:30am - 10:30am | Sunday'SCool (All Ages)
11:00am - 12:00pm | Sunday Worship Service
1:00pm | Sunday Spanish Worship Service

69 Pearl Street, Painesville,Ohio, 44077 (map)
phone: (440) 354-3774 | fax: (440) 354-1425

Adult Bible Study

Thursdays | 6:00pm

We focus on a different Bible Study theme quarterly which encourages growth and understanding of the Scriptures.

Quarterly Family Nights

Held on Friday night with focus on the church family to bring the family together and offer a variety of activities, food and fellowship.

Jr. Soldier Classes

These classes are similar to Sunday School Classes but are for Jr. members of the church, ages 6-13. We learn about the Bible as well as The Salvation Army history and about the many areas of service in The Salvation Army.



9:30am - 10:30am | Sunday'SCool

Sunday School provides participants of all ages with a weekly opportunity to learn more about God, Jesus and the Bible on Sunday mornings just prior to worship services. The Salvation Army uses a popular Christian Sunday School Curriculum known as "HOPE SHARE". Sunday School incorporates fellowship and fun along with Bible learning to give participants a positive way to enhance their spiritual lives. It is a time for believers to gather together as God's family in mutual encouragement and support. The Salvation Army believes Sunday School to be a key element of a vital youth ministry and an important tool for building strong families.

Nurseries are available for infants and preschoolers. School-age children look at the scriptures in a new and fun way that is appealing to kids. Adults are challenged each week as they study through the books of the Bible and discuss Biblical topics.

Corps Cadets

Tuesdays | 5:00pm

The preteen and teenage years are complex, full of changes and questions. Young people are trying to discover who they are, where they fit in and how to make an impact on the world around them. Moral values are internalized and made their own. They’re discovering what’s important, who they can trust, what’s worth fighting for and why they should step out of their comfort zones to take a stand.

To help adolescents on their journey, The Salvation Army has developed a discipleship course specifically for preteens and teens called Corps Cadets. This is one of the most vital programs in a Salvation Army corps (center for worship and service).

Home League

Tuesdays 6:00pm | Spanish Women's Group Tuesdays 6:30pm

The Home League is a four-fold program focusing on education, service, fellowship and worship. The Home League gives counsel, direction and encouragement to all women. It aids in developing a well-rounded personality and lend spiritual guidance leading to a deeper understanding of God and His way of life. In developing the spiritual life of the individual woman, the home is thereby spiritually strengthened. Our aim is to bring women to an awareness of the social, economic and spiritual problems of today, and encouraging their personal involvement in building a better society. The ultimate goal of the Home League is to win women to Christ, making every effort to link them and their families, if unchurched, to the Army.