Erika Hopeless
13 November 2015
“We would not have had Christmas some years if not for The Salvation Army,” Erika remembered of her difficult childhood
Melissa & Jacob
13 November 2015
Melissa wasn’t going to be able to provide Jacob with Christmas last year. But thanks to caring friends like you, they had the best Christmas ever!
12 August 2015
You Kept Ronnie’s Lights On — And His Hopes Up!
12 August 2015
Jacob Worried: “How Would We Survive?”
Families Finding Help
12 August 2015
Northeast Ohio just wouldn’t be the same without you! We really mean that.
“ I Don’t Trust You.”
03 June 2015
Ralph was a tough nut to crack. Seventy-four years old and homeless, he rode his bicycle everywhere.
Confronting Three Devastating Crises
03 June 2015
When her husband left after 15 years of marriage, 50-year-old Joanne suddenly found herself in dire straits.
Time of Their Lives
03 June 2015
Sophia and Sarah, adorable 8-year-old twins, never thought they’d get a chance to go to summer camp.
Update: Nepal Relief Efforts
05 May 2015
The Salvation Army team in Nepal is reaching out to remote communities which have not received outside help.
The Volunteer of the Year
20 April 2015
Meet Marguerite Kosier!
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