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Forever Priceless

You are Forever Priceless! Join RISE in demonstrating how girls and women are priceless and not something to be bought and sold. The Forever Priceless campaign includes ribbons that are black, purple and pink. The black is for women who lost their lives due to the sex trade, purple is for those who are being victimized and the pink signifies the need to prevent young girls from being trafficked.


Prevention is a key component of the Forever Priceless campaign. RISE produced the prevention video “Losing Maria” to educate community members about domestic minor sex trafficking including the recruitment process, precautions and possible effects of trafficking. Curriculum accompanies the 42-minute film and can be used with a variety of audiences. Visit the Downloads section to obtain the video and curriculum.

Educational Tools

Facilitator's Guide accompanies the “Losing Maria” prevention video. The Facilitator's Guide can be used with a variety of audiences and allows viewers to explore the video and themes in a safe setting. Facilitator's Guide is designed to generate increased understanding of dangers of trafficking including the recruitment process, torture tactics, societal level pressures and the impact of trafficking on individuals, families and society.

Please download the guide to use with the film. The film should not be shown without the Facilitator's Guide.


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